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Program Year 2002 – 2003

November 16, 2002

Inaugural Seminar

Lessons from Women's Lives                                                    Carolyn Curry, PhD

Lessons from Practical Life                                                        Zoe Hicks, JD, LLM

Lessons for Personal Growth                                                    Ron Greer, MDiv, ThM

Telling Our Stories

March 29, 2003

Spring Seminar

Winning the Money Game                                                        Ruth Sikes, CLU, ChFC

Women's Health: We Are Not Alone                                      Jane Mashburn, MSN

More Lessons for Personal Growth                                        Ron Greer, MDiv, ThM

Conversations about Personal Growth                                 Martha Tate, MSW


Program Year 2003 – 2004

September 11, 2003

First Meeting of WAT Book Group (Continues to meet monthly; prior selections list available on website)

September 27, 2003

Picnic/Retreat at the Currys' Mountain Home

October 18, 25 and November 1, 2003

Personal Growth Mini-Series

Dealing with Emotions, Developing Community              Ron Greer, MDiv, ThM


November 22, 2003

First Meeting of WAT Saturday Sisters at Donna Mays’ Home

January 24, 2004

Saturday Sisters

February 7, 14, 21, 2004

Financial Mini-Series

            Are You In Jeopardy? How to Win the Money Game Ruth Sikes, CLU, ChFC


March 24, 2004

Saturday Sisters at Anne Shaw’s home

April 3, 2004

Taking Care of You                                                                        Susan Lockhart, PhD

                                                                                                            Nora Keenan, PhD

                                                                                                            Gina Price Lundberg, MD

April 24, 2004

Saturday Sisters at Sharon Pauli’s home

May 22, 2004

Spring Picnic / Retreat at the Currys' Mountain Home

June 26, 2004

Saturday Sisters at Tillie Carter’s home

July 24, 2004

Saturday Sisters at Susan Lockhart’s home in Helen, GA


Program Year 2004 – 2005

September 25, 2004

Saturday Sisters at Carolyn Clarke’s home – How I Spent My Summer Vacation

October 4, 2004

Women and Money, the Road to Financial Independence              

Alexandra Armstrong, CFP

Women Telling their Stories:  Lucy Molinaro, Sharon Pauli, Ruth Sikes


November 13, 2004

New Beginnings:

Effectively Engaging Emotional Transitions                         Ron Greer, MDiv, ThM

                                                                                                             Libba Fairleigh, MDiv

Women Telling their Stories                                                       Mary Caroline Lindsay

                                                                                                             Janet Browning

                                                                                                             Libba Farleigh

December 11, 2004

Saturday Sisters at Janet Browning’s home

January 22, 2005

Saturday Sisters at Mary Beth Lyle’s home

February 19, 2005

Saturday Sisters at Pam Ashmead’s home

March 5, 2005


Long Term Care Insurance                                                        Kris Dwyer, MBA, CDFA

Life Insurance & Annuities                                                         Elizabeth Sachsemaier, CLTC, LTCP

Social Security & Medicaid                                                        Stephen H. DeBaun, Atty at Law

April 16, 2005

Women and Cancer

            Women and Cancer                                                         Victoria Green, MD. MBA. JD

            Prevention, Control, and Treatment                           Betty Castellani, DMin

            Women Telling their Stories                                          Nora Keenan

                                                                                                            Karen Greer

                                                                                                            Frannie Graves

                                                                                                            Carolyn Clarke

April 21-24, 2005

Getaway to St. Simons Island

May 21, 2005

Saturday Sisters at Ellen Mitchell’s home

Program Year 2005 – 2006

September 17, 2005

Lunch on the Veranda at the Historic Home of Nell Hodgson Watt in Griffin, GA

October 22, 2005

Having Enough for the Long Haul

            Investing in Bonds                                                             Kris Dwyer, MBA, CDFA

            Social Security                                                                     Stephen H. DeBaun, Atty at Law

            Estate Planning                                                                   Zoe Hicks, JD, LLM

January 21, 2006

Saturday Sisters at Anne Shaw’s home

April 22, 2006

Saturday Sisters at Mary Baginski’s home

January 21, February 26 and March 18, 2006

Refresh Project - A Self Study Initiative                                         

            Guiding Future Programming                                        Marilyn Hammond, MBA

Program Year 2006 – 2007

September 23, 2006

Positive Psychology-What You See Is What You Get; But What You Look For Is What You See          

            Carrell Dammann, PhD.

October 5 - 8, 2006 

Amelia Island Getaway

November 18, 2006

Let's Plan a Trip

Kaye Carmichael


February 24, 2007

To Move or Not to Move                                                                  

            Money Decisions of Where We Live                             Kris Dwyer, MBA, CDFA

            Managing the Move                                                          Dottie Albright

            Women Telling Their Stories                                           Mary Caroline Lindsay—Home to Condominium

                                                                                                             Margaret Ritchie—Home to Apartment


March 17, 2007 Co-sponsored with the Alzheimer’s Assn, Georgia Chapter

Brain Health                                                                                          

Larry Tune, MD, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Geriatrics at Emory University

Suzette Binford, Care Consultant, The Alzheimer’s Assn., Georgia Chapter

Women Telling Their Stories           Martha Hubbard-Pritchard

                                                                 Carol Adams

                                                                 Suzette Binford

May 12, 2007

Spend the Day at Callaway Gardens

Program Year 2007 – 2008

September 22, 2007

Women Finding Their Voices

            The Historical Perspective                                                            Carolyn Curry, PhD

            Women Finding Their Voices for Future Generations          Elizabeth Kiss, PhD; President Agnes Scott College 


November 3, 2007 Sponsored by Agnes Scott College, as part of the Leadership Seminar

Women Don't Ask

            Women and Negotiating                                               Sara Laschever, co-author of Women Don't Ask


December 1, 2007

Women Finding a Voice for Their Grief and Their New Lives           

Ron Greer, MDiv., ThM.


March 6, 2008  

Co-sponsored w/ Atlanta Chapter, Agnes Scott College Alumnae Association

A Day in Flannery O'Connor's Steps: Day trip to Milledgeville, with Linda Hubert, professor emerita of English at ASC

March 29, 2008

Wives of Men with Dementia Finding their Voices

       Finding her Voice with the NFL                                       Sylvia Mackey

       Resources for support                                                        Ginny Helms, VP Alzheimer's Association, GA Chapter

May 3, 2008

Saturday Sisters at Mary Kay Howard’s home

May 24, 2008

Spring Luncheon at Swan Coach House

                                                                                                          Moira Keller LCSW of Sixty Plus Older Adult Services at Piedmont Hospital

Program Year 2008 – 2009

September 6, 2008

Fit for Life Fair

Joint Health: “Use it or Lose It" Devon Nobis of Resurgens Orthopaedics

Screenings, Exercise classes; Joeleen Akin, Athletic Director at ASC & Wendy Nelson & ASC PhysEd Staff


October 25, 2008

Saturday Sisters at Mary Kay Howard’s home

November 15, 2008

Reinventing the Holidays; Dealing with Life's Losses        

Judy Coyer Wolfe, M Div, BCC, CT

December 6, 2008

Saturday Sisters at Tillie Carter’s home


February 28, 2009     Sponsored by the Atlanta Chapter, Agnes Scott College Alumnae Association

What Every Woman Should Ask and Answer                            

Ginger Patton-Schmitt, JD


March 21, 2009

Women Reinventing Our Lives - Our Stories

            Reinventing with spouse in dementia                        Sylvia Mackey

            Reinventing after Katrina and Death of Spouse      Jean Hyman

May 16, 2009

Spring Luncheon at Swan Coach House

Program Year 2009 – 2010

September 26, 2009

Fit for Life

            Sleep and Peaceful Living; Elizabeth Carson, PhD, St. Joseph's Hospital

            Yoga or Modified Boot Camp

            Foot and other screenings


October 24, 2009

Remembering Carolyn Clarke at the Currys’ Mountain Home

November 14, 2009

Grief and Beyond

Ron Greer, MDiv., ThM


December 12, 2009

Saturday Sisters at Sharon Pauli’s home

January 30, 2010 Co-sponsored by the Atlanta Chapter, Agnes Scott College Alumnae Association

Smart Women Plan: An Insider's Guide to Estate Planning 

Ginger Patton-Schmitt, JD

March 27, 2010

Saturday Sisters at the Currys’ condominium

Introducing the Women Alone Together Writing Project

April 29, 2010

Sponsored by the Atlanta Chapter, Agnes Scott College Alumnae Association

Atlanta History Center Tour and Lunch

Rare objects in the Cherokee Garden Library Collection - Director Staci Catron '93

Garden and quarry tour - Gardens Curator John Manion

Luncheon - Swan Coach House

Program Year 2010 – 2011

September 25, 2010

Fit For Life

Marie Garrity, M.D., Board Certified in Internal Medicine, The Medical Group of Saint Joseph's

To a Healthy Heart

Stacy H. Jaskwhich, MSN, NP-C, Clinical Coord. The Heart Center for Women, St. Joseph's Hospital

Posture, Zumba, Yoga

Ann Ritter,


November 13, 2010

Dealing with Life's Losses                                                                

Judy Coyer Wolfe, M Div, BCC, CT


February 27, 2011

Toulouse-Lautrec and Friends: Special Exhibition Special guests:

The Stein Collection at the High Museum of Art

       Howard Stein, Collector

       David Brenneman, Director of Collections and Exhibitions


March 19, 2011   Event co-sponsored with the Georgia State University College of Law

Women and the Law: Health Directives, Wills and Financial Planning

Advance directives for health care planning; Jerri Nims Rooker, Assoc.Dir., The Center for Law, Health & Society GSU

The basics of financial planning; Anne Tucker, Assistant Professor. Professor Tucker researches in the areas of corporate law and governance examining the fiduciary duties of directors and the rights of shareholders.

Wills and Estate Planning; Mary F. Radford, Professor of Law. Her teaching areas are Wills, Trusts & Estates; Estate Planning; Law & the Elderly and Employment Discrimination.


Program Year 2011 – 2012

September 17, 2011

Moira Keller of Sixty Plus at Piedmont Hospital joined us for a relaxed event of learning and sharing at the Currys’ condominium. Board member Sylvia Mackey was unable to attend due to a death in her family.

November 12, 2011

Women Moving Beyond Life's Losses                                          

Rev. Pam Driesell - Senior Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church


February 11, 2012

Getting Your Financial House in Order                                        

Page Harty, Partner, CFP – SignatureFD, Comprehensive Financial Design Firm

Linda Schaeffer, Partner, CPA CFE CVA, Frazier & Deeter, Full service CPA Firm


Program Year 2012-2013

September 21, 2012

Women Living Long and Living Well
Lunch and Learn with our women on the tangibles and intangibles of Living Long and Living Well.    


November 10, 2012

From Loss to Contentment

Judy Coyer Wolfe, M.Div., BCC, CT grief counselor


May 3, 2013

A Day Away in May

At the Curry’s with a visit to OC’s Garden                                 


Program Year 2013-14

September 26, 2013

Arts Connection with Agnes Scott College Atlanta Alumnae Chapter
"Girl with a Pearl Earring": Dutch Paintings from the Mauritshuis at the High Museum


November 9, 2013

Journey from Grief to Hope

Pastoral counselor and friend of Women Alone Together, Ron Greer


April 2, 2014

Day Trip to Gibbs Gardens


Program Year 2014-15

August 23, 2014  

Together Again; Just to Talk

Guest: Moira Keller from 60 Plus at Piedmont Hospital


October 3, 2014

Native Guard at the Alliance Theatre

Group attendance at inaugural production of adaptation of Natasha Trethewey’s book


November 1, 2014

Finding Hope at the Holidays

The Reverend Kate Colussy-Estes, Julia Thompson Smith Chaplain, Agnes Scott College


January 24, 2015
Identity Security – Online and in Person

Vivian M. Wright; Common Sense Solutions, Inc.


Saturday March 14, 2015

Creating Happiness and Meaning: Positive Psychology Applied to Your Life
Jennifer Hughes, Charles Loridans Professor of Psychology at Agnes Scott College, takes us into a new field of psychology that goes beyond getting back to normal and focuses on enhancing happiness and life meaning.


Program Year 2015-16

October 3, 2015

A Year of Living Better

Moderator: Carolyn Newton Curry, Agnes Scott College '66
Speaker: Susie Davis, BS and MS in Exercise Science from Florida State University w/ Emphasis in Corporate Wellness; Current emphasis on women and seniors
Guest discussion and demonstration: Charleen Thompson, BS University of Alabama; Consultant with Rodan + Fields® Dermatologists    


November 14, 2015

Finding Hope in the face of Grief and Loss

The Reverend Kate Colussy-Estes, Julia Thompson Smith Chaplain, and Dr. Paula Bloom, Psychologist and Counselor, Agnes Scott College


Program Year 2016-17

September 17, 2016

Fall Kickoff - Caring Women and Self Care

Nancy Kriseman, LCSW and author of The Mindful Caregiver and Suzette Binford from the Alzheimer's Association.


November 12, 2016

Engaging the Future After Loss

Pastoral counselor and friend of Women Alone Together, Ron Greer


March 4, 2017

Premiere of The Temple Bombing based on the book by Melissa Fay Greene

The Alliance Theatre


March 16, 2017

Tour of the Atlanta Beltline


Program Year 2017-18

September 23, 2017

Women Alone Together® 15th Anniversary


November 11, 2017

Engaging the Future After Loss

Dr. Ailene Cooley widow and retired ASC professor of psychology

February 17, 2018

Becoming a "Spammer Hammer!"  Best Practices to Thwart Thieves, Hackers, and Other Online Criminals

Paul F. ("Pete") Wellborn III 

March 1, 2018
Launch New Website:

Program Year 2018-19

September 8, 2018
Fall Kickoff – A Year of Caring and Sharing


October 13, 2018
WOMEN BUILD: with Habitat for Humanity®


November 10, 2018 The Journey from Grief to Hope with Ron Greer

January 15, 2019 Tour of the Swan House at the Atlanta History Center followed by lunch at the Swan Coach House

April 6, 2019 Saturday Sisters Potluck Luncheon with Nancy Kriseman discussing the importance of resilience as we age, based on Women Rowing North by Mary Pipher

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