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Women Alone Together proudly accepts the following major credit cards: 

We use Square to process Purchases and PayPal to process Donations



NEW WEBSITE NOTES!   (Launched 2/16/18)

With the site's modern look and feel, anyone visiting it can quickly see who we are, gain a sense of our organization and see specifics about what we do and why. Through the photos, we see the enjoyment shared in our 15 years of seminars, book group meetings and outings which are listed for easy viewing on the site.

Participants in Women Alone Together will benefit from it being a one-stop-shop for all things administrative including Email Newsletter registration, Events & Sign Ups, Online Payment capability and Donating to Women Alone Together.

Here are new and different things:

  • If you have been receiving our emails, you do NOT need to SUBSCRIBE to the Email Newsletter on the new website. You are already on our list.


  • Book Group participants can RSVP and choose to pay online or pay at the door. We are looking forward to having more time to visit instead of check in.


  • For pay at the door, we will take credit cards at Colonnade soon.


  • When you bring guests, they can sign up directly on the website, or you can do it for them with their name and email. If they decide to continue coming, they should Subscribe to the Email Newsletter.

  • After registering online, you will receive a confirmation email with a ticket attached. The ticket indicates your choice at signup for food and notates if you are Paid or Unpaid. We also have this information but encourage you to keep it until after the event. There is no signup list for you to view online.



  • If your plans change after you have registered, you should reply to the confirmation email or send an email to Tell us if you are cancelling or wish to change food choice. If you paid and must cancel, our preference would be to use that payment for your next program or contribute it to Women Alone Together. If you want a refund, email us. We don’t expect this to be a frequent occurrence.



  • You can use a phone or tablet to sign up. But not with an app. Use your browser to reach the website.


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